Martin Garrix

Martin Garrix hosts exceptional solo show at RAI Amsterdam

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The new, and old, number 1 DJ in the world, Martin Garrix had yet another Amsterdam Dance Event to remember. The 22-year old, who has been crowned Number 1 of the world for a third consecutive time at Amsterdam Music Festival on Saturday, took the stage for his very own signature show the day before for people over 18 as well as on Saturday afternoon for people of all ages.

The events went down at the RAI convention center in Amsterdam. After Garrix had his solo show there in 2016 and 2017 already, his return was not questionable. To get all 13.000 party people in the mood for a great night (or afternoon, respectively), Martin Garrix invited some of his closest friends and STMPD RCRDS DJs to warm up the crowd. Names such as Justin MyloTV Noise and Blinders played at a DJ booth in the middle of the crowd to prepare everyone for what was about to happen on the giant mainstage. The impressive stage was equipped with multiple big screens, lasers, fireworks and many more. The massive ‘+’ in the middle of the stage let no questions that this is a Martin Garrix performance, whose initials are ‘+x’. The Dutchman opened his set with a never heard before ID and then continued playing his greatest tracks such as  ‘Animals’ and ‘Proxy’ as well as his newest tracks from his latest EP ‘BYLAW’. It was remarkable to see that 100% of the music played in the set was Martin Garrix music – which only cements his status as the world’s number 1 as well as his exceptional talent for producing. The crowd on Friday was highly energetic and danced and jumped to the music. The tunes were accompanied by an outstanding light show and visuals, which made the whole production a masterpiece.

Check out some of the magic with the video below!