Martin Garrix

Martin Garrix shares vlog showcasing ADE preparations

One of the world’s most-viewed vlogging series, ‘The Martin Garrix Show‘ showcases Martin Garrix‘s life throughout the year. The YouTube-based show is currently on its third series and the ninth episode has now landed. This episode gives viewers an insight into Martin Garrix’s ADE preparations this year.

This year Garrix once again performed two sold-out shows at the Amsterdam RAI, one show for over 18s and one for all ages. Expectations for the solo shows are always incredibly high due to Garrix’s track record, but the resulting experience always delivers above and beyond any expectations. The ninth episode of ‘The Martin Garrix Show’ series three gives viewers details on the preparations involved behind the scene. In the run-up to the event Garrix and his team tested visuals and lasers in a scaled down version of the show. They also explained the concept behind the show and the story that they planned to tell through the visuals. One thing is for certain, Garrix continues to increase the standard of his solo shows every single year.

Take a look at episode nine below.

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