Khalid & Martin Garrix Oceans

Martin takes us through his release of ‘Ocean’ in S3:E6 of The Martin Garrix Show

In S3:E5 of The Martin Garrix Show, Martin took us behind the scenes of his shoot in Milan with the iconic fashion corporation Armani Exchange. In the episode, Martin gave us a look into their long-standing relationship and just why he loves being partnered with Armani so much. Now, after a few months time gap, we catch up with Martin in Toronto, Canada for his video shoot with Khalid for their massive summer smash ‘Ocean.‘ To our surprise, Khalid actually explains that the shoot was their first time meeting each other in person,

“I think someone tweeted about the idea of us collab-ing and I was like ‘hell yeah,’ and then we went back and forth, we were like ‘yo this has to become a reality.’  We’ve both just been so excited to work with each other and we actually met each other for the first time in person today.”

Martin jumps in himself and explains the song was actually made completely over facetime, no brutally booked out team studio sessions, just simply getting to the collaboration. Well, maybe there was some confusion about what the term “dibs” meant,

“Actually funny thing, I wrote the song on a boat in Amsterdam on a guitar, and then we recorded it and I sent it to Khalid. I was like ‘man, just sent this rough idea for a song do you like it?’ and he was like ‘I call dibs’ and I had no idea what “dibs” was – I thought “dibs” was a person… I was like why the [explicative] would he call dibs? Who is dibs?”

Both artists divulge it’s one of their favorite songs they’ve ever been a part of creating to date and if we’re judging by the numbers their joy and genuine love for the song is justified. Even if you take away the incredible support for the song, the duo’s enthusiasm for the project is conveyed behind the pure ambiance, emotion and serenity ‘Oceans‘ delivers.

Watch S3:E6 of The Martin Garrix Show below: