Moinè vs Spada – Down

Globally recognized female musician and singer Moinè, the mastermind behind hits like Closer To Me andFall, has joined forces with the Czech based dj & producer Spada to introduce their latest project entitled ‘Down’. The tune which has received extreme amounts of critical acclaim is one of the more unique dance infused tunes we’ve listened to as of late. Being placed amongst New Music Friday Italy, reaching a peak of #7 on Spotify’s Viral Italy, receiving airplay across the globe from the US to Russia, and being placed amongst Best of the Week for Apple Music Pop to name a few of its eye-catching accolades – the tune is certainly a standout.

While the track certainly possesses some major player support, ‘Down’s’ eye-catching placements aren’t just for show – the project is something special. From its heavy bass riffs, overlying banjo, and entrancing top line, the track is simply addictive. Giving off a bit of a ZHU-esque tenor, the tune uses a somber ambiance to complement the uniquely dark, lofty vocals of Moinè. It may not be a tune you’ll hear at your favorite festival or local venue, however, this is the classic case of an intriguingly casual listen.

It’s the psychedelic overtones and overall production value are something you don’t normally associate with dance in today’s market. In a roundabout way, however, that’s exactly what makes the work so attractive. On top of the tune itself, ‘Down’ also came equipped with an equally as entrancing music video. It’s quick cuts between vocalist Moinè and the videos draped dancer give the tune even more of a psychedelic feel.

Take a peek for yourself and watch the music video for Moinè vs Spada’s ‘Down‘ below, and grab your copy here.