PIERCE self-releases full 7-track debut ‘FLESH’ EP

After months of hints about the thrilling story and talk about his debut EP, Austin Pierce Guerra, a.k.a PIERCE has finally self-released ‘FLESH’, an ear-assaulting yet musically talented 7-track strong EP that signals another fast-rising star in the electronic dance community. Listeners are now finally able to piece together all the parts of this sinister EP that have long been crying out for its release. Now PIERCE fans can indulge in this full-throttle adventure alongside the music producer. ‘FLESH’ is here, it’s loud, in your face, and it’s ready to cause havoc.

Earlier this month, Austin released the ear-splitting production ‘Tyrant‘ which enticed his listeners to the dark sounds that lay ahead in the release of the EP. Now those menacing sounds have broken out and they’re ready to spread their threatening character across electronic music. The EP begins with ‘Intro‘, a 24-second short track of deep, dark vocals that set the tone for the rest of ‘FLESH’. It is then where the EP comes to life with its forbidden and frightening sounds through tracks such as ‘Simulation‘, ‘The Wrath‘, ‘Lullaby‘, ‘Tyrant‘, and ‘Death Note‘ which was released earlier by PIERCE. Each track uniquely endeavours to provide the dark and menacing sounds the music producer has created with such detail and explosion.

Finally, the EP finishes with ‘Outro‘, another 24-second track which sees the deep vocals return to tell the listener that PIERCE’s “vitals are stabilising and all bones are intact, his flesh is in critical condition but at least they didn’t touch my soul”. Very dark to say the least. Prepare to follow the thrilling story from start to finish as Austin Pierce Guerra takes your on a mind-blowing journey through his music. Check out the full EP below.