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After learning the ropes from

PIERCE – Tyrant (Feat. MAGMAG & OMNI)

Home Uncategorized PIERCE – Tyrant (Feat. MAGMAG & OMNI)

After learning the ropes from some of the best music minds in the business and graduating from ICON Collective production school in 2015, PIERCE has developed a sound that can be described to many as not made for the faint-hearted. His production style is menacing with a particular lean towards the sinister sounds of the musical spectrum as he produces tracks that assault the eardrums and leave you short on your senses. But that’s needless to say his music which consists of heavy infectious vocals and driving basslines resonates well with the basshead community. Now the young-producer is back with his latest slice of the action, dropping his intimidating new track and self-released ‘Tyrant‘ along with MAGMAG & OMNI.

Another hint of his upcoming EP FLESH, Austin Pierce Guerra articulates the latest puzzle piece to his EP sega that’s built to inflict its fearsome character upon music fans alike. ‘Tyrant‘ takes place in an Uber ride where PIERCE’s car driver, who fails to make small talk with the producer whos listening to his music, states he is “going to fu** himself, then“. From there on, the tone is set and PIERCE’s ‘Tyrant‘ comes to life. don’t be fooled by the calming nature of the track’s opening, for in quick succession, distorted vocals blast ferociously before demon-fused basslines and, assaulting synths, and battering beats deliver the producer’s sound.

Ready to instil terror in its victims, ‘Tyrant’ is another example of PIERCE’s production abilities to produce unique tracks with a refreshing taste. His FLESH EP is his most ambitious project yet, fusing the producer and storyteller together. Check out ‘Tyrant‘ below and keep an eye out for the next puzzle piece to his EP.


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