Rüfüs Du Sol launch record label, debut first track by Cassian

In a few weeks from now, Los Angeles-based Australian trio Rüfüs Du Sol will release their third studio album ‘Solace’ and ahead of the release, the band keeps dropping exciting news. Tyrone Lindqvist, Jon George and James Hunt have just launched their own record label, Rose Avenue, named after the street in LA where they resided the last year while working on the new record. To immediately kickstart the brand new label, Rüfüs Du Sol release the first track of Rose Avenue today by dropping Cassian‘s new single ‘Lafayette’.

In the past, Rüfüs Du Sol often released their music via good friends ODESZA‘s record label Foreign Family Collective, so in an interview with Billboard, the band said the following about the launch of their own record label:

“With this label, we wanted to continue that feeling of creating a home for us and our friends, bringing the specific style of electronic music we love to the world. We’ve been in the position where we made an album we loved (‘Bloom’) and had no label in North America to release it, except for our buddies ODESZA. They backed us, got our album out there, and played a huge part in building our fan base outside Australia. We are forever grateful to them for that. We want to return the favor and give artists that we love and believe in that platform. There is great music out there that people aren’t willing to take a chance on. From that idea, Rose Avenue was born.”

The band has previously worked with fellow Australian disco/house producer Cassian on many occasions. The talented producer remixed several tracks on Rüfüs Du Sol’s forthcoming ‘Solace’ album, and he made name with a couple of top notch remixes for Flight Facilities (‘Crave You’) and Mr Sanka (‘Gallon’).

Listen to Cassian’s debut single ‘Lafayette’ on Rüfüs Du Sol’s new label down below via Spotify.