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Sam Feldt discusses brand-new single in exclusive interview

Platinum-selling Dutch DJ, producer and entrepreneur, Sam Feldt, has established himself as one of the most sought-after electronic artists of recent times. Due to his intelligently-crafted crossover sound, Sam has attained incredible achievements and career highlights that place him ahead of his peers and is now ready to build onto these accolades further.

Sam Feldt is always on the hunt for interesting new collaborators to bring into his world of gorgeous melodies and grooves, and on his new single ‘Heaven (Don’t Have A Name)’ he unexpectedly turns to Hollywood for inspiration. An increasing number of actors are trying their hand very successfully at singing, and the latest is the Oscar-nominated, Jeremy Renner. His yearning vocals begin over sorrowful piano chords and pads, with an epic ‘80s ballad feel to it that shows yet more diversity in Feldt’s ever-impressive catalogue. The powerful bridge and chorus lift the track further until listeners are unexpectedly dropped into a buzzing future pop section. The contrast is powerful, classy and cinematic, making for one of Feldt’s most stunning compositions to date.

In celebration of the release of his new hit-single, Sam Feldt sat down with We Rave You to discuss his inspiration behind the track, and the joys of touring, post-injury.

‘Heaven Don’t Have A Name’ is a divergently experimental/Trap-influenced song. What impelled you to head toward this new direction?

“For me, this song is about showing the world that Sam Feldt music knows no genres or boundaries. It’s something I already tried to express with my debut album From Sunrise To Sunset last year – and working on a very different sounding “trap” song with someone who has never released a track before fortifies that vision. With Heaven (Don’t Have A Name), I want to show the world just how diverse my music can be, while maintaining that signature Sam Feldt sound.”

Jeremy Renner’s vocal seamlessly suits the breaks’ wintry nature. What went into the process of blending these two elements together?

“Taking Jeremy’s history as an actor in mind, I wanted to have the breaks sound epic and cinematic – paying homage to his awesome, raw sounding voice. Therefore I added a lot of (real) strings and cinematic percussion to the break and build up sections.”

The track still ultimately possesses your sound, albeit, it’s different to what you’re known for. How important was it to keep that signature ‘Sam Feldt’ sound without going astray?

“Very important. Over the past couple of years I’ve shown the world I can do house songs, R&B tracks and even some tunes you might classify as rock music, while still making sure that the people that listen to it are able to recognize it as Sam Feldt Music. This track was no different – but it was one of the more challenging ones to nail. Blending a movie-style vocal and cinematic break together with a “tropical trap” (is that a genre now?) kind of drop was a challenge but I think it worked out very well.”

This year, you’ve had 5 tracks reach the Beatport dance chart top 20. Are you looking to crack the top 10 this time around or is this not on the radar?

“To be honest, I never look at any charts after I release a track. Once it’s out there, it’s up to the fans to decide if and how much they like it. Usually I check back after a few weeks and see how well it’s done.”

You’ve been back on tour for 4 weeks since recovering from your injury. How does it feel to be back on your feet, playing gigs again?

“It’s the best feeling in the world. For a while, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to walk again and the doctors said it was one of the worst injuries someone can have on your lower body. Luckily, after 4 hours of surgery, they were able to restore my knee and leg and I’m able to walk short distances without crutches now! Playing shows was the one thing I missed the most during my time at home so it is very rewarding to be able to be on stage again.”

Spending so much time off the road would’ve given you plenty of free time. Did you spend a lot of time in the studio or did you tend to other desires/priorities?

“Both! I had 2 months at home, so I had plenty of time to work on music and also spend time doing other stuff such as having friends over, read and binge on tons of Netflix series. Overall I was able to finish 6 new tracks which will most likely form an EP somewhere early next year! I also finished my new single that will be out after Heaven (Don’t Have A Name) with someone very special.”

Given the fact you’re still relatively getting back into the swing of things, are you looking to finish 2018 with a bang or are you adopting a day-by-day mentality?

“From the moment the doctor gave me the all-clear to start touring again I’ve been at it 100% – doing shows in Europe, the USA and Asia. I’m now in Bali, then in China and then it will be time for Amsterdam Dance Event again – during which I will launch my next sustainability project, do two shows and a lot of press. The show must go on! :-)”

Be sure to listen to ‘Heaven (Don’t Have A Name)’ below and grab a copy here!

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