SHIVA debuts new tune ‘Go Figure’ with proceeds going to a phenomenal cause

Indian singer-songwriter SHIVA is taking a stand and is another artist in the long list of those who are supporting a phenomenal cause with his new tune, ‘Go Figure.

Not only is SHIVA donating the proceeds from both the audio and the tunes music video set to debut on November 9th toward helping build Happy Feet Home: Children’s Hospice and EastSons GoodWorks -but the tunes ambiance is simply sublime. The two homes the proceeds are going toward, nurture impoverished children with free education, food, and medical assistance. Creating a catchy atmosphere around a tune which focuses on such a difficult topic, the central theme surrounding SHIVA’s music is to build bridges between culturally distinct sounds of the third-world and the iconic rhythmic elements of mainstream commercial hits.

Listening to ‘Go Figure‘ SHIVA certainly blends a unique combination of elements from distinct genres such as Pop, Soul, EDM, and R&B. SHIVA not only blends this spectrum of sounds flawlessly, but the artist also has a fairly dedicated backing. The artist who’s native to a small town nestled in the Himalayan ranges of North India, sports over 500k plays on SoundCloud and is only growing. The artists largest hit ‘Back On Track‘ shows just how versatility SHIVA really is, as the song is a 100% hip-hop tune. Impressive in the holistic sense of his creativity, SHIVA is a true creative with a wonderful message.

Take a listen to SHIVA’s newest tune ‘Go Figure‘ and help support his goal of giving back to children in need. Stay locked into SHIVA’s socials for the music video accompaniment to ‘Go Figure‘ once again set to release on November 9th.