Swedish House Mafia

Swedish House Mafia keep fans guessing with yet another countdown

After all the Swedish House Mafia headlines 2018 has been comprised of, we’ve finally gotten definitive confirmation the legendary trio are back with a bang. Initially breaking the news via a countdown which leads fans to a bay of 3 Stockholm shows spanning Thursday, May 2nd to Saturday, May 4th of 2019 at the Tele2 Arena in Sweden, the trio have since, added another countdown to the site where we’re expected to get more news – of what, we’re not sure however.

More show dates? Music? The reveal is open for interpretation. In the recent SHM press conference, all three, Seb, Steve and Axwell did mention that they have had an incredible amount of time to work on music, although they did not divulge much on the topic, they did say we’d know when it was ready to be revealed, so could the initial 3 date stop be followed by a massive new music announcement? Or could this announcement simply be a string of follow-up dates to the initial 3 in Stockholm? Let’s be clear, we all remember Steve announced at Ultra Mexico that the next time he returned he’d be returning as Swedish House Mafia, so it would make sense to announce a lengthy tour schedule. We’ll find out indefinitely on November 6th, but in the meantime, we’re sweating to know the details, as this would certainly create even more hype around an already iconic comeback especially if new music is involved.

While all the speculation surrounding what the next announcement from the Swede’s could be, take a listen through to their recent press conference where the trio breaks down their return to the limelight as Swedish House Mafia.