Swedish House Mafia unveil second timer to end this Saturday

The world was put on hold last week as fans around the world eagerly awaited the end of the mysterious Swedish House Mafia timer that ended on Monday morning. When the timer ended, a press conference began where the three Swedes announced that they would perform a huge show in Stockholm on 4th May 2019. But that wasn’t all, as soon as the announcement was over, a new timer started to tick, a timer which is set to end this Saturday.

The most likely reasoning behind the timer is that it is counting down to the main ticket sale for the Stockholm show this Saturday. That being said, many are wondering whether the trio could be set to make another announcement about another upcoming show, or drop further details on upcoming brand new music. Now that Swedish House Mafia are officially back, anything seems possible and predictions are raging wild about what kind of announcements could be coming in the near future. The world is still waiting for news and the second timer could be set to reveal even more secrets.

Take a look at a screenshot of the timer below.

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