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Swedish House Mafia’s Ultra Miami livestream camera angle explained

Back in March, Swedish House Mafia shocked the dance music world with their one-of-a-kind show during Ultra Music Festival in Miami. Recently the group held a conference in which they announced some of their future plans and their announcement to play at the Tele2 arena in Stockholm, Sweden. In classic SHM style, the trio remained cryptic and reluctant to divulge too deeply into information or perhaps give away too much. However, it appears that Axwell has spilled the rationale behind the one, seemingly disappointing camera angle.

As much as there was amazing feedback from the Ultra Miami show that included excited fans and overjoyed festival goers, there were many people left upset by the one camera angle that presented the SHM. Axwell stated in their recent press conference that it was intentional, as they wanted to “save something for later”. What could they be saving for later? We will have to stay updated to their further announcements to find out what exactly they are saving for later.

There’s another countdown that has started on the group’s official website ending 10/27/2018, 6 AM EST. Perhaps this will further explore the groups intentions and how they will go about executing a world tour (if that is indeed the plan). We will soon find out what the Swedish House Mafia plans to embark on and the exciting information that is soon to unfold in the coming months.