Tiësto’s classic album ‘Kaleidoscope’ turns 9 years old

These days, the name ‘Tiësto’ is associated with thunderous big-room productions, or radio-friendly commercial hits like ‘Jackie Chan.’ However, in the past, the Dutch icon was closely – and only – associated to trance. Helping catapult the genre into mainstream consciousness thanks to tracks like ‘In The Dark’ or his remix of ‘Silence’, the Musical Freedom superstar became the first ever DJ to perform at the Olympic Games, spinning his trance-inspired beats at the opening ceremony of Athens 2004, as he released several ‘Elements of Life’ style compilations under his ‘DJ Tiësto’ name.

But in October 2009, all of that changed when Tijs shocked the world with the release of his ‘Kaleidoscope’ album, a 17-track production filled with more house-inspired tones and collaborations with household names like Calvin Harris and Nelly Furtado. Though the release was met with initial surprise, the production has aged timelessly and is now recognised by many as one of his finest ever bodies of work. Birthing huge tracks like ‘Escape Me’ featuring the immaculate vocals of C.C. Sheffield, the Kaleidoscope album was also responsible for anthems like ‘Feel It In My Bones’ and ‘Louder Than Boom.’

Though tough to believe, the album is now officially 9 years old, and in October 2018, it sounds better than ever! Relive this classic by listening to the full album below and let us know your favourite Kaleidoscope track in the comments section!

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