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Tim Berg’s ‘Seek Bromance’ celebrates it’s 8th anniversary

In 2010 we relive some humble beginnings that were brewing in Stockholm, Sweden. Who we knew at the time was a young, rising melodic genius named Tim Bergling who went by a shorter moniker Tim Berg. Rightfully garnered, new fans flocked to the breakout star- we knew he’d be big, but never could have guessed he’d become one of the most iconic and legendary electronic producers this generation has seen. That man who produced one of the most iconic songs to a generation of dance music listeners in ‘Seek Bromance‘ would become none other than the legendary, Avicii. But to remember the man, we must first remember his past and now hitting a milestone 8 years since it’s release, ‘Seek Bromance‘ is where the grandeur began under the name Avicii.

The tune was Tim’s second single release and shortly after its release is when the Swede changed his name to Avicii. It’s also where he once again took at the crack at the tune releasing it once more as a vocal edit under the name Avicii. The revamped, ethereal production style and iconic topline combined to create one of the most recognizable tunes in dance music history. Even looking 8 years into the past, the tune is a staunch classic amongst a rather diverse catalog for that westward commercialization time period of dance music. The tune was also accompanied by its equally as fun-filled, hallucinogenic music video.

With one of the most inspiring artists of a decade of dance now gone, take a moment to revisit Avicii’s vocal edit of his own Tim Berg produced, ‘Seek Bromance‘ below: