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Vicetone Avicii

Vicetone release Avicii-inspired production ‘South Beach’

Arriving on the electronic dance music scene in 2012, it’s safe to say Dutch duo Vicetone have made quite the impact that’s seen them successfully climb the DJ ranks while amassing fans all around the world. Earning plenty of momentum year on year, the Vicetone boys, Ruben and Victor, are no strangers to the ropes of the EDM world having released numerous hits, beat-smashing original productions, and a variety of stellar remixes from world-renowned artists including Adele and Zedd. The pair has become well-versed within the electronic music industry itself, dropping tracks on the likes of Monstercat and Ultra Records as well as delivering the soundtrack to Ultra Music Festivals 2014 aftermovie with their track ‘United We Dance‘. Now, back with their latest production, the duo has dropped a surprising release on their fans, one that comes with an inspiring story behind it.

Invitingly called ‘South Beach‘, Vicetone’s newest addition to their arsenal of tracks sees the pair dig deep into their hard drive to give birth to a track that was originally one of the first songs the duo ever created. What makes this production special is that the production was inspired by the late electronic music icon and superstar Avicii. On their social media platform Instagram, Vicetone released an emotional post about the passing of Avicii and how it truly affected them. It was weeks after that Vicetone sought the track from many moons ago and decided to deliver the scintillating production to their fans. Part of the post reads:

“We searched several of our old hard drives to see if we still had the project saved somewhere. As luck would have it, we did. And now we finished it, six years later. ‘South Beach’ is our musical tribute, a homage to one of our biggest musical influences.”

South Beach‘ is readily available to fans and we can certainly say it brings back a few memories when the melody hits. Check out the full post from Vicetone below and listen to their impeccable track now.