Afrojack: “My next album might be a jazz album”

Speaking at Oxford University today, famous Dutch DJ Afrojack has hinted at the possibility of producing jazz in future. Speaking about a range of topics at the famous educational institution, the ‘Take Over Control’ star mentioned how the lines between genres continue to blur within the music industry, and said:

“I’m not limited by what I’ve done so far. Maybe I’ll make a jazz album tomorrow. Probably not… But maybe!”

Having played at some of the biggest festivals in the world, Afrojack has rocked the mainstage of events like Tomorrowland and Ultra Music Festival in Miami, becoming a figurehead for the rise of the EDM movement which became so huge between 2010 and 2013. Afrojack also spoke about a number of topic including social media, adding:

“I’d really like more people to know how life works. Not just how society and how social media tells you life works. 100 likes won’t make you happy, it’ll just have you looking for 110 likes.”

He rounded off the talk but discussing the differences between DJ’ing and producing, telling the crowd:

“When people ask if you prefer producing or DJing? That’s like asking if you want chicken or pancakes. Sometimes you want chicken, sometimes pancakes. And sometimes you want pizza… If you love chicken that doesn’t mean that you are a chicken. I love EDM but I love hip-hop too.”


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