Alesso opens up about Rihanna collaboration rumour

This summer, Alesso caused a stir during an interview with The Daily Star when he revealed that Rihanna had plans to release a dance-heavy album. He was quoted as saying that Diplo, Calvin Harris, David Guetta and Martin Garrix were all set to feature, resulting in the below tweet from Diplo.

This was Alesso’s original quote from the interview with The Daily Star:

“I’ve heard she wants to take over the dance music charts, we have some mutual friends, so we’ll see what happens with that. She has the voice that fits on any record, she makes every record sound great. Whether dance, house, ballad, Rihanna can do it all. It will be great.”

Now, Alesso has clarified the quote in another interview, this time with iHeartRadio. During the interview he did a complete U-turn, stating that he didn’t confirm anything at all. This could mean that he was, in fact, misquoted to begin with, or he simply realised that he revealed the news too early and wants to keep further details a mystery. Take a look at the interview quote below:

Speaking of female vocalists, a while back you said something about potentially working with Rihanna on her new album and how she wanted to make something that was very dance-centric.

Well, it was all a mistake talking about Rihanna because people like to rephrase what I said. To clarify, no I never confirmed her [album], but rumors are rumors. I feel it’s best I just leave no comments around it and no I can’t confirm anything. I learned my lesson not to speak about the big artists.

H/T: YourEDM

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