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Avicii's Levels

Avicii & Eric Turner’s Been Cursed Mix of ‘Dancing In My Head’ turns 6 years old

Flashback to 2012, progressive house was in the peak of its global domination and roughly a year after his international sensation ‘Levels,‘ eyes and ears across the world were on one Swedish prodigy named Avicii. Little did we know that following up ‘Levels‘ would come tunes like ‘Silhouettes,‘ and his collaboration with Lenny Kravitz, ‘Superlove,‘ and one of the largest dance draws in the year of 2012 – a hit that now turns 6 years old, ‘Dancing In My Head.

To many, the tune brings back memories and a fond sense of nostalgia, but now on the tunes 6th birthday, we celebrate the nostalgia of both the tunes life and Avicii’s. The melodic masterpiece that was Avicii’s Been Cursed mix of ‘Dancing In My Head‘ was simply second to none, not to mention the beginning of an incredible journey the Swede would lead. Looking back on the tune, it’s a whirlwind of emotion. What’s even more shocking is that compared to Avicii’s fleshed out discography, which needless to say, is full of equally unique and otherworldly melodies, ‘Dancing In My Head‘ can almost be considered a second tier tune from what was to come from the genius.

While it’s streaming numbers to date aren’t quite representative of the tune’s initial take over upon release especially as it did reach some peak chart positions in both Dutch & British radio circulation – it’s still undoubtedly considered a phenomenal production. Whether ‘Dancing In My Head‘ was one of the first tunes that got you into dance music, or you were just taken along for the ride, take a listen and remember Avicii as the tune officially turns 6 years old.