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Eric Prydz

Camelphat & Cristoph’s massive collaboration ‘Breathe’ drops soon

Having received loads of hype within the past few months, we might be on the edge of receiving another groundbreaking Camelphat record. Camelphat have joined forces with Cristoph to cook up what is “Breathe“. With lots of live snippets circulating around Youtube and Facebook, you can hear this song in all its glory. Having been played at Hï Ibiza during their residency, the track is a stand out tune that can’t be ignored.

Full of rich strings, floating vocals, and a beautiful groove, this track will without a doubt be a highlight record for both artists. Set for release on November 16th, the track will land on Eric Prydz label Pryda. Prydz has played the record out during his live sets in the past few months as well. CamelPhat made the official announcement via their Facebook page with a short clip from Escape.

The two artists styles blend meticulously throughout the track, with the signature Camelphat sound being heard in the percussion and melody. Cristoph is a UK producer/DJ who has successful releases like “Voice of Silence” and “Vanguish”. With both of their sounds being influenced by techno and tech house, this collaboration is an amalgamation of their sounds under one, pristine record.