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Extinct – To India

Returning after a month of silence, following their previous release ‘Lose Yourself,‘ faceless duo Extinct has debuted another resurgent trance tune. That’s right, the talented Budapest group is back with a bang featuring that signature entrancing style we’ve come to expect. Introducing us to the newest tune in the Extinct catalog with a gorgeous melodic intro, ‘To India‘ is a hypnotizingly, groove-inducing track with all the fervor and energy you’d find at a festival trance stage. Definitely radiating hints of some culturally influenced elements, the title of the tune is quite self-explanatory as to just what type of ambiance Extinct tries to create.

Between the tunes, many waves and troughs, ‘To India’ possess some auditorially acute moments. The builds create a sense of suspense, however, the tunes drop seeingly disperses any suspense you had existing from the build. It’s certainly an odd yet mesmerizing phenomenon. The tunes incredibly spacious tenor is quite a common characteristic of Extinct’s production, but as they have continued to develop, so has their production ability, because frankly, comparatively to ‘Lose Yourself‘ – ‘To India‘ simply puts listeners on a different planet altogether. Introspective, and retrospective, while not the most powerful tune you’ve ever listened to, it will almost indefinitely put you in a spellbound state.

Take a ride on the wave and listen to Extinct’s ‘To India‘ below via SoundCloud: