JACKAL – In Love With Nobody

LA-based music producer JACKAL has certainly got the creative juices flowing in his latest track release which might well be headed for plenty of chart success. Definitely here to make a name for himself, Mikey Pennington his proving his worth with the newest addition to his musical resume which already boasts a selection of carefully curated and highly detailed soundscapes fans can not get enough of. Now, the latest experimental drop from JACKAL might be his best one yet and the production is ready to take its listeners on quite the journey. Laced with atmospheric blends, ‘In Love With Nobody‘ is here and it’s huge.

If you’re an electronic music fanatic who loves productions that delight the senses and leave you wanting more and more, this is a track for you. Blissfully opening with a cinematic feel, ‘In Love With Nobody‘ is mouth-wateringly beautiful from the get-go. Filled with swelling synths and spacey tones, each part of the track lays down its own unique sound, twisting and changing its style always keeping the listener poised for something new. ‘In Love With Nobody‘ gets its distinctive character from the prominent vocals that sing – ‘I Don’t Love You No More‘ – instantly implanting those words in your head throughout the track. Talking about his new release, Mikey said:

This is actually a happy track. It comes from the feeling of relief of being independent and having no feelings for anyone. The title is kind of an ode to one of my all-time favourite bands The Smiths.”

The promising artist is just getting started and there’s plenty more yet to come from Mikey Pennington who began releasing music on labels such as Mad DecentOWSLA, and Buygore. From his signature bass and electro house sound to the experimental emotive sounds of late, you can bet JACKAL’s cooking up something worth waiting for next. Enjoy his new track below.