Karkaz – Calling

One of the greatest parts of being a fan of electronic dance music is discovering new music. No matter if it is a new song by one of your favorite producers, a new genre or even a yet undiscovered gem by a newcomer. In the dense jungle of tracks that are being released every month, it is sometimes hard to find real quality ones. Luckily, Scandinavia has always been a bastion for amazing tracks from all spectrums of electronic music. DJs and producers such as KygoAlesso, or Swedish House Mafia are famous around the world and known for some of the best electronic music out there. Luckily enough, the amazingness of Scandinavian music does not stop at established artists but will also expand to young, talented producers of which one is called Karkaz.

The 22-year old producer from Norway has been around for multiple years now but is still relatively unknown. However, that does not mean that his music is not good. In fact, the opposite is the case. His latest release goes by the name ‘Calling’ and is a melodic house track with stunning vocals that will give you goosebumps. Unfortunately, we do not know the name of the vocalist, but he for sure did a great job with them! The vocals wrap perfectly around the melody and the drop will give you the vibes that you want to dance the night away and jump as high as you can.

Even Karlsen, Karkaz’ real name, has created a masterpiece that should definitely find its way in your playlist. Let the music do the talking so that you can decide for yourself how awesome ‘Calling’ by Karkaz really is!