Like Mike reveals further details about upcoming solo album

Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike are one of the most powerful duos to ever hit the electronic music scene. Having been ranked #2 in the DJ Mag poll yet again this year, the pair maintains their dominance over the industry. During an interview with Billboard Radio China, Like Mike revealed details about his upcoming solo album, stating his reasons for experimenting with more genres.

“The more music evolves, the thinner the borders between different genres are. Rock is crossing over into EDM, EDM into hip-hop, and the other way around. It’s definitely the time that everybody can collaborate, and we love working with hip-hop artists.”

Like Mike stated that his album is set to be more hip-hop and urban-influenced, while also revealing further plans for 2019. Despite Like Mike being set to release a whole solo album, the duo appear to be stronger than ever and have plenty of plans ready for next year.

“It’s gonna be a busy year for 2019, but we are ready to rock the crowd with more live shows, new music and different projects and songs to surprise people.”

H/T: Billboard

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