Martin Garrix

Martin Garrix shares heartwarming story about the making of ‘Dreamer’

When two worlds collide, the outcome often is uncertain. Sometimes it can be the worst idea ever, and sometimes it is a product of pure magic. Luckily, ‘Dreamer’ has been the latter. The collab of the number 1 DJ in the world, Martin Garrix, and singer from the USA, Mike Yung, is nothing short of amazing. So is the story of Mike Yung. The 58-year old from New York used to be a singer on the streets of the metropolis before he got discovered in the TV show America’s Got Talent, where he reached the semi-final. It was also at that time when Martin Garrix discovered the US-American and decided that, one day, he’ll make a track with him. Now, the two shared more details behind their magical collab.

In Martin Garrix’ beloved YouTube show ‘The Martin Garrix Show’, where the #1 shares many insights from his personal life as well as his tour life and is running over a span for 3 seasons now, and it is still ongoing. In this specific episode, Martin and Mike met in Amsterdam to talk us through the process of creating ‘Dreamer’. Interesting enough and also quite significant for our society nowadays, Martin Garrix discovered Mike Yung on Instagram. He immediately was amazed by the wonderful voice of Yung. Even though the street singer had some famous videos online before, his track with Martin Garrix is undoubtedly his most famous one. Even though it is not “typical” electronic dance music by any means, it is still a perfect example of what can happen if two talented souls come together to create something unique and special. And because a video can say more than a thousand words, it is probably the best if you check out the stunning story behind ‘Dreamer’ yourself! So, get inspired by these two talented souls!