Micimago – Find

Born as an alias back in his elementary school days, Malta native Micimago has continually developed before everyone’s eyes. Beginning his production journey back in 2013 where he barely received any plays, he has cultivated his own unique blend of progressive, groove, and future house elements together into one dynamic space. His break out tune occurred with the release of his ‘So Free‘ which garnered a collective 27,000 views on social platforms and propelled the artist to some local and global traction. Micimago would go on to release a few more originals and remixes before following up his ‘So Free‘ stand out with yet another attention-grabbing tune, except this time it was a bootleg for Ira Losco’s, ‘Walk On Water‘ which topped off at roughly 21,000 views via YouTube and socials.

Now fast forward to 2018, and Micimago isn’t giving up his quest to break through the noise and his newest tune ‘Find‘ is certainly a massive step in the right direction. Complete with captivating topline and excellent engineering, ‘Find‘ bestows a newfound euphoria onto first-time listeners. The tunes gorgeous synth selections, melodies, and full-bodied chord work carry the production and make it the stand-out it is.

Naturally, this is just another page in the book for Micimago, but ultimately it’s one that can propel him onto that next level of notoriety. Take a listen to Micimago’s ‘Find‘ below: