Review: Deadmau5 demonstrates sensational performance at The Warehouse Project

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There are few places throughout the United Kingdom that equal the stature of The Warehouse Project which boasts an underground experience quite like no other. Situated in the North Western territory of England, the city of Manchester gave birth too and hosts the series of club nights that have long been one of the most in-demand and premium hotspots for electronic, hip-hop, and more recently grime music fans to amass, solely with the intention of having their senses truly satisfied in fine musical fashion. But for the Warehouse Project this year, the ride has been an emotional one so far as the event bids farewell to its spiritual home at Store Street and its venue buried underneath Manchester’s Picadilly train station. Regardless, however, with the final announcement of the series dropping for their New Years Day editon (and trust me, this one is going to be huge), the team behind the notorious event, production and staff members, and all those fans who attended and are due to attend will proudly say: “for 12 weeks the city was ours“. But it’s not goodbye just yet with a months worth of music to go and mouth-watering line-ups yet to blister the inner walls of the famed venue with their signature sounds, grooves, and stellar productions. In fact, this was the tale of the tape for last Saturday’s event which saw supreme music producer Deadmau5 – real name Joel Zimmerman – delve to the underground setting for one of The Warehouse Projects truly sensational nights in their event history.

The Canadian music producer was in fine form prior to the event with performances throughout Europe including playing the Verti Music Hall in Berlin, Germany, a country that’s famed for its love with music, particularly the house and techno sounds that can be heard in world-renowned clubs such like Bootshuas, in Cologne. It had been noted that Joel debuted some new music during his Berlin performance. None the less, With news of his dominating performances rippling their way back to Great Britain, anticipation for his UK tour only increased in size meaning The Warehouse Project had everything to look forward to. However, Joel would first stop off at London’s iconic venue Printworks which has grown into one of the capitals hotspot music venues, welcoming an array of the world’s biggest artists including Maceo PlexAdam Beyer, Paul Kalkbrenner, and the recent sensation that is Fisher.


With the night’s proceedings underway, there was a different buzz among the evening’s warehouse crowd that felt extremely inviting, one that echoed enthusiasm and fervour for what lay ahead. And rightly so because the ‘Deadmau5 presents’ event featured additions from the Mau5 roster. The first came in the form of Monstergetdown, a music producer who doesn’t just produce music but creates some of the most exciting and enticing soundscapes electronic music has heard. On a relatively earlier spot than his counterparts, the musical shape-shifter worked effortlessly to build up momentum and an atmosphere within the Warehouse Project which had been well received by the crowd who applauded the DJ as he bowed out for OFFAIAH, the next to take front and centre stage. The other inclusion to the Mau5 puzzle was LA-Based music producer Rinzen who, like Monstergetdown, has a musical palette that rivals even some of the industries greatest talents. His signature cinematic sounds and forward-thinking techno production proved a winning formula to take the Warehouse crowd deep into the final hour of the night. With that said, its time to talk Deamau5.

Surprisingly it wasn’t the big ears and illuminated eyes that greeted the crowd while lights fell dark and basslines erupted volcanically in the venues main room. Instead, a silhouetted figure pinpointed right between the decks with the spotlight beaming behind it. Regardless, The Warehouse Project roared, the silhouette raised its hands, a thunderous crowd flexed their hands back, Deadmau5 had arrived. That buzz that had felt different the entire night had once again superseded itself to a level of relentless euphoria. The Warehouse Project was in the midst of a music legend, an icon of electronic dance music, and one of the most inspiring music producers to grace and deliver his music to the industry.

It was an evening that Deadmau5 demonstrated why he remains as one of the most sought-after talents and still reigns as one of the best music producers on the current electronic dance music scene. The performance was littered with bass-heavy productions, techno-fused sounds, and signature Deadmau5 tracks that were equally matched with the crowd’s vocals. On the night the usual suspects included ‘Raise Your Weapon‘, ‘Maths‘, the delicate ‘I Remember‘, and ‘The Veldt‘. Joel made no hesitation in dropping his most recent pioneering track ‘Monophobia‘, a collaboration with Knife Party’s Rob Swire, that caused a wave of elation from start to finish. However, it was the crowd favourite ‘Ghosts N Stuff‘ which commanded the loudest crowd pop on the night.


Another night wrapped up on The Warehouse calendar but one to remember with the Mau5 troop putting on a showcase of the brightest and best talent the industry has to offer. Additionally, the venue that is Store Street not only contributed but complimented the stature of Deadmau5 for a truly unforgettable night of music. There are still tickets available for a few remaining shows which promise to be the biggest events that draw this year to a close. Check out available tickets here.