Rezz announces brand new Porter Robinson remix

Canadian DJ/producer Rezz has amassed a huge level of support over her years as an artist. Her individuality and branding, as well as her top-class talent, have enabled her to become one of the most influential figures in the bass scene and the music industry as a whole. Her global fanbase is undoubtedly one of the music industry’s most dedicated, and recently she caused a huge reaction online after she revealed that she was, in fact, working on a remix for one of Porter Robinson‘s tracks.

Although she didn’t reveal which track she has remixed, she did say that it was from the ‘Worlds‘ album that Porter Robinson released in 2014. Shortly after revealing that she was working on the remix, she followed up to tell fans that she has now completely finished it. This should signify that a release date will follow shortly, and this remix is certainly becoming one of the most anticipated tracks of 2018. As well as posting public tweets, Rezz also posted in her private Facebook group about the remix.

Take a look at Rezz’s tweets below.

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