Skrillex surprises fans with new sneak preview of his ‘Sicko Mode’ remix

After an on and off year of downtime, mega-producer Sonny Moore, better known to the world as Skrillex, has announced his return with his newest collaboration effort with JOYRYDE, ‘Agen Wida.‘ However, unbeknownst to his global fandom that wasn’t the only production Skrillex had up his sleeve and ready to tease. The LA native recently also debuted a sneak preview of a remix he has in the works of Travis Scott’s, ‘Sicko Mode‘ which debuted off the rapper’s Billboard 200 chart-topping album ‘Astroworld.‘ The album itself has garnered praise across multiple genres and gotten it’s fair share of remixes already, in fact, breakout bass artist Crankdat, even went so far as to remix several songs off the album dubbing the releases an ‘Astroworld Re-Cranked‘, project and this included his own rendition of ‘Sicko Mode‘ as well.

With Thanksgiving having just past and Skrillex feeling rather thankful himself, the artist took to Instagram to post the short snippet of himself in the studio working on the remix. Hopefully, we’re able to find out a bit more regarding the flip, as we have since gone without any further word on the remix besides its addition to the artists Instagram story. Judging off the quick bit we are able to hear, it sounds like something we’ll be hearing in plenty of sets soon to come and we graciously hope Skrillex announces an official release for the remix in the future.

Check out a snippet of Skrillex’ ‘Sicko Mode‘ remix below: