Steve Angello

Steve Angello & Still Young’s smash “Follow Me” turns 2 years old

One of Steve Angello’s most sought after records “Follow Me” turns 2 years old. Looking back, we remember this record for the length of time it spent as an ID. Together with the duo Still Young, the track hit Beatport as an instrumental and quickly garnered support. People loved the track and still love the track for its clean, progressive vibes, dark and gritty bass line, and big room presence. There was a vocal mix for the track however it never gained as much attention as the instrumental. The vocal version featured Tom Crane.

Released on Size Records in November of 2016, the track went exclusively to Beatport. At the time, Angello was in the midst of fraud allegations, however it wasn’t related to the track. Still Young are esteemed progressive house artists. They have some mesmerizing releases on Size Records that include “Midnight“, and this collaboration with Angello. They are a very low key DJ group who rarely step into the limelight, but when they do, they always make a splash.

Both artists are known for their melodic genius, and act for unique music. The Still Young duo are hugely respected by their peers and throughout the scene for their attention to detail and ability to craft refreshing music. The single “Follow Me” reinforced the prowess both Angello and Still Young bring and was another top notch tune on the one and only Size Records.