Yung ‘n Usls – Sometimes

Unleashing their brand-new single; Sometimes’, is German Deep House duo Yung ‘n Usls. The pair’s previous releases include ‘Dreamers‘ and ‘Another World‘, which notched up more than 16,000 and 22,000 plays respectively, however, their last single; ‘One Ride’ blew their previous releases of the water with more than 31,o00 streams. Now, ‘Sometimes’ is set to outdo all its predecessors.

A truly soothing tune, the track kicks off with warm pads and smooth female vocals, before the track quickly ascends to the drop, where listeners are met with pumping kicks and a solid percussive bassline. Bright hats and claps help fill out the frequency spectrum, before the vocals return once again, alongside apt lead synths which add an extra layer to create a full, whole sound.

The second break follows the same successful formula as the first, however, the breakdown, solely featuring vocals and a bassline, creates a hands-in-the-air feel, before the drop arrives once again.

Listen to ‘Sometimes’ below and download it for free here.

Melbourne-based Journalist, producer and DJ. Completed a Diploma of Audio Production at SAE Institute and loves everything from Jazz to Disco.

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