Alan Walker Different World

Alan Walker reveals empowering video for ‘Different World’

Amid the ever growing concerns that consume the world’s media regarding the changing planet, Alan Walker has used his musical influence to display the issues that plague our planet. With continued reminders about the problems that face us, such as waste being dumped into the sea, and forest fires, the video is used as a strong notice of the issues. The official track release for Walker’s new track ‘Different World‘ has arrived coupled with this lyric video, and the message is clear and extremely powerful.

The track features Sofia Carson, K-391, and CORSAK, who have contributed to this quality release. Whilst the track itself is of such a high standard as you would always expect in an Alan Walker release, the shine is somewhat diverted towards the empowering lyric video that dropped on Walker’s official YouTube channel recently. Pollution in the ocean, destroyed forests, poverty-stricken communities, melting ice caps, and more. With cut scenes also to the frequent news stories, covering the issues and satisfying the political focus to alert the world of the problems – although it is questionable as to whether their best intentions are to win elections or solve these issues – the powerful images that follow show the real images of what is happening to the Earth. ‘Different World‘ provides a fitting backdrop to the video, and they match together exquisitely. The hashtag #CreateADifferentWorld is one of the key ideas behind the video, which strives to inspire people to consider the issues and change what they can to create the world that is best for everyone.

Rather than trying to explain it all to you – which is truly impossible given the power and impact that this video has – why don’t you go and check it out for yourself. The video link is below, so go and experience it, whilst listening to the incredible new Alan Walker track alongside Sofia Carson, K-391, and CORSAK, titled ‘Different World‘.

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