Axwell’s romantic single ‘Waiting For So Long (Gloria)’ turns 3 years old

“I thought my wife deserved something money couldn’t buy — a song just for her” – Axwell

3 years ago, Axtone Records released their ‘Axtone Ten’ compilation mix that featured some of the best Axtone releases to ever be made. On this collection was a track unlike any we have ever heard before. The song was by label boss Axwell and was made as a gift to his wife, Gloria. The track, aptly named ‘Waiting For So Long‘, is special for many reasons. The record is incredibly unique and shows just how versatile a producer Axwell can be. At a much lower tempo and bursting with strings and horns, this track stands as a gem through and through.

In 2015, the single was Axwell’s first solo release since 2013. He spoke to Rolling Stone magazine about how the track came together and what it means to him. He stated “my solo work is more of a vent or an outlet for music that feels more personal to me”. He spoke a lot more about the label and the greater scope of where the track sits within when he states:

“The craziest part is that we’ve had people working and building a record label for a decade, but successfully, even in these days of the music business going down, that to me is amazing. We’ve been able to make a business out of my own music, other artists’ talent and the dedicated team behind the label. That feels special. Back in the day, having your own label sounded impossible. It’s crazy to see where we are now.”

‘Waiting For So Long’ is a pure slice of happiness courtesy of Axwell himself. Filled with joyous vibes, this track is one to remember.