BREAKING: Tomorrowland announces theme for 2019 festival

With 2012 widely considered as the peak of EDM, Tomorrowland are rolling back the years for the 2019 festival, bringing back the same ‘Book of Wisdom‘ theme which was first celebrated a full 7 years ago. Arguably the most popular Tomorrowland theme of all time, The Book of Wisdom featured a main-stage design which was centred around a giant book shelf, with one of the books coming alive and speaking to the crowd via huge eyes which overlooked the entire audience.

Now, Tomorrowland will revisit the theme, dropping the official 2019 teaser trailer on their YouTube channel. With 2019 marking their 15th anniversary celebrations, Tomorrowland are guaranteed to go all out this year as they look to bring back the insane vibes which surrounded the 2012 edition, when acts like Avicii and Swedish House Mafia headlined the main-stage. Pre-registration for 2019 starts on Saturday 15th December at 15:15 CET, and so far, crowd reaction seems to be hugely positive, with some of the responses included below.

tomorrowland tomorrowland tomorrowland tomorrowland tomorrowland

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