Daft Punk timeless anthem ‘One More Time’ turns 18 years old

Changing the game forever on account of their stunning live shows, including the Pyramid set-up, and mind-blowing productions, Daft Punk helped electro music verge into the mainstream in the late 90’s, bringing their iconic French touch to the dance music industry. The duo rapidly gained legendary success thanks to hits like ‘Around The World’, but it was on this exact day in 2000 that the pair unveiled their biggest record of all time.

Since that day, ‘One More Time‘ still sounds as fresh today as it did at the start of the 21st century, and has been used numerous times by various acts over the year, including Swedish House Mafia, who mixed their own hit ‘One (Your Name)‘ into it during the mix of their ‘Until One‘ album in 2010. With Daft Punk last releasing music in 2013 via Pharrell stomper ‘Get Lucky’, fans have waited for the pair to tour again, but news on this front still seems silent so far.

Relive the energetic grooves of ‘One More Time’ just one more time, by checking out the Daft Punk classic below:

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