Deadmau5’s anthem ‘Strobe’ turns 9 years old

Many artists create good tracks, others create hits that will play for months, while a select group will create those that will be considered a classic for many years. One of those artists able to create true electronic music anthems is deadmau5.

On December 13, 2009, Joel Zimmerman released what would be one of his most famous and classic tracks. Strobe, as well as practically all of Joel’s songs, does not have such a significant name, after all, the track takes the name of the plugin used in the construction of the song, Strobe by FXpansion, but the track itself is far from trivial.

Strobe begins with a piano that evolves into a true example of progressive house, with its brilliant musical progression. An introspective trip of about 10 minutes takes listeners on an emotional roller coaster. You can experience happiness, sadness, and a euphoria, all this in one track.

The track is considered a jewel by many producers and fans. Deadmau5 released some official remixes, made by Dimension, Feed Me with Truise, Lane 8 and Attlas, in 2015. This year, Strobe got an orchestrated version on the album ‘Where is the Drop’, but the original version is still preferred by almost all and in 2016, was considered by Billboard Dance as one of the 20 best tracks of all time. Do you agree?