deadmau5 debuts eccentric music video for ‘Drama Free’

Taking a glance over the course of the year one of our favorite helmet wearing Canadian’s personal battles, related antics and controversial statements have riddled 2018, not necessarily painting the most wholesome image for himself. Nevertheless, he continues to deliver when it comes to his music. It’s mau5trap’smau5ville: Level 2‘  however, that makes it clear to say Deadmau5, outside his controversies, has undoubtedly had a stellar year as it pertains to his music. This time, however, it’s all about the music video for Deadmau5′ tune with alt-pop vocalist Lights and it’s well – let’s just say the final product for ‘Drama Free‘ is simply unique.

With no real plot line or story focus, the heavily CGI based music video instantly gets weird when after it’s initial intro, we cut to a man dribbling his own head surrounded by what appears to be tentacles which are destroying the world? Something along those lines anyway. If you’re here to focus on the music the animatronics and wonky video make it a bit challenging, however, it’s easy to admit, the video sure is different. Despite its oddness filled with tattooed, diaper wearing deadmau5’s, flailing amoebas with multiple arms and a creepy head banging driver (no, you can’t make this stuff up) it’s worth a watch.

Check out the music video for Deadmau5 & Light’s ‘Drama Free‘ below: