deadmau5 wins $20,000 for charity in a game championship

Deadmau5 is certainly one of the most controversial electronic music artists. A genius when it comes to music production, a brutally honest social media user when talking about other artists or the music scene. In addition to his entire history with music, Joel is also an assumed nerd and is always involved with charities.

Passionate about programming (he created his famous cube himself) and games, he recently won a tournament of the online game ‘PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds‘ and donated $20,000 to the Extra Life institution that helps maintain the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals in the United States. The Cloud9 esports teams, The Try Guys YouTubers and the Jericho streamer also participated in the championship. The event took place at the OGN Super Arena and brought together 100 players and an audience of 400 people.

Recently, deadmau5 has been confirmed as a headliner of the 2019 edition of Creamfields UK, after breaking the hiatus in his career, involving his controversial Twitter posts and his mental health. Since then, his social media has remained in the hands of his team, but it looks like he is set to be back to normal next year.