DJ Snake & Zedd

DJ Snake and Zedd set to drop new albums in 2019

As the turn of the year is fast approaching, anticipation is already building to what 2019 entails. Huge festivals, chart topping releases, and the return of some of electronic music’s most loved Swedish DJs; it’s bound to be a big year! Two people who are certain to continue their incredible form of recent years are William Sami Étienne Grigahcine and Anton Zaslavski, with numerous bangers to their names. Bridging the gap between pop music and electronic dance music, DJ Snake and Zedd have taken over the airwaves for a number of years, and an “accidental” Instagram story showing the list of artists to release albums in 2019 included both of their names.

The Instagram story was swiftly deleted by Polydor Records – the company that revealed the list – who distribute across Europe. The list contained prestigious artists such as Lady Gaga, OneRepublic, Madonna, Lana Del Rey, and more, who are joined by the electronic producers.

After a strong year, with releases such as ‘Happy Now‘ and ‘The Middle‘, Zedd is looking to follow up and hit 2019 running, with an album seemingly the best way of doing so. There are questions as to what form a Zedd album would take, given his last album True Colors that dropped in 2015 largely dominated by progressive-style tracks. However, with his more recent tracks taking a more commercial approach, there is a great element of surprise about the album. DJ Snake is also a man of many surprises, with his last album containing an array of genres. Since then, releases like ‘Maradona Riddim‘ and ‘Taki Taki‘ have further elevated the Frenchman’s success, and an album is an exciting prospect going into the new year.

With album’s potentially around the corner for both Zedd and DJ Snake, check out the only track that the pair have released: Zedd’s inventive remix of DJ Snake’s track ‘Let Me Love You‘.

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