Extinct – Isle Of Nowhere

Coming off the back of their ‘To India‘ which hit platforms roughly 2 months ago, mysterious Budapest-based duo Extinct is back with yet another thumping tune entitled, ‘Isle Of Nowhere.‘ The house inspired groove certainly differs from their last release and in flying fashion. While ‘To India‘ echoed some culturally specific roots, that ‘Isle Of Nowhere‘ lacks, the tunes entrancing nature is still enough to keep listeners on the edge of their seats. The blissful track is thrown somewhere between the realms of house and trance with a unique and full-bodied melodic line. The tunes initial Tron sounding intro later includes minute elements such as the reverb clad bell strikes, stark percussive elements and fine incisions of white noise. All of these moving parts blended together combine to create an intricate yet sedating ambiance.

Kicking off their career at the beginning of 2018, with their debut tune ‘Phantom,‘ Extinct have demonstrated a keen ability to produce wholesome tunes. While there’s still much work for the duo to do, the tracks have been laid and there’s plenty of potential going into 2019 for the two. We’re looking forward to what’s to come from the duo, in the meantime, close out 2018 strong and take a listen to ‘Isle Of Nowhere‘ for yourself below.