Jay Slay announces ‘All Night Long’ remix competition

Jay Slay (formerly known as J-Hamz) has returned after some time with a fresh new original entitled ‘All Night Long.‘ The future house track features silky vocals from rising pop influenced singer/songwriter Kelly Alaina. On top of the tunes recent release, Digital Empire Records felt the tune deserved to have a full-fledged remix competition launched for the tune as well. It’s no surprise that with Jay’s already impressionable numbers and large-scale support across global FM airwaves, some of Spotify’s top independent playlists, and massive outlets like Beatport, ‘All Night Long‘ is sure to see a fair share of success as well. What’s more is the remix competition will play second fiddle to the tunes three-piece content roll out. That’s right the release of ‘All Night Long‘ will also include a music video featuring the likes of Canadian actor and singer Michelle Molineux.

The tune sports a thumping bass-line and ear-catching melody, all tailored to the wholesome centerpiece that is Kelly Alaina’s vocals. While it may not be a tune you hear run rampant amongst your favorite clubs, Jay Slay certainly deserves an ovation for the work he’s done on ‘All Night Long‘ as the work is certainly a standout.

See below the competition’s rules & deadlines:

-The winners will have their music released on DIGITAL EMPIRE RECORDS and receive royalties
-The remixes will be available on all major online music services, including Spotify, Apple Music, Beatport, and more
-You’ll receive promotion to YouTube channels, blogs, radio stations, etc.
-Digital Empire records presents releases to some of the world’s most talented electro names for use when touring
-You may be offered your own official release on a Digital Empire Records family label
-You may be featured on album compilations from our distributor & label partners
-Include “#DERjayslayremixcontest” in your submission title
-All electronic music genres are eligible, though we tend to favour bass house, future house, electro house, progressive house, dubstep, glitch hop, complextro, drum & bass, and breaks
-Contest winners will be contacted by Digital Empire Records at the email indicated in your submission to request the final remix

 ** DOWNLOAD the remix stems at bit.ly/DERjayslayremixcontest **

In addition, Digital Empire Records added the following notes to avoid any doubt:

We are proud to assure you that this will NOT be a popularity contest. We listen to ALL entries that follow the guidelines and judge them equally, regardless of your reputation, social media presence, or online support, but we do encourage you to promote your work as much as possible
-Completed remixes should be submitted by the end of the day on February 4th, 2019
-You are permitted to upload your remix to Soundcloud and promote it as long as downloads are disabled
-Don’t forget to include “#DERjayslayremixcontest” in your track title and use the artwork included with the remix stem

Get familiar with Jay Slay’s ‘All Night Long‘ below before both the tunes remix competition and music video launch!