Knife Party reveal new EP coming in ‘Knifecast’ podcast

Australian music duo Knife Party, comprising of Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen who form two members from drum and bass band Pendulum, has given their fans the ultimate Christmas news. In their podcast titled ‘Knifecast‘, the duo announced that a new EP is coming within three months and fan’s excitement levels have shot through the roof. Earlier this year, news broke when Rob updated his fans about the possibility of an EP coming this year. While it looks as though the EP is set to drop now in 2019, it is the news many fans have been waiting for and anticipation around the EP will only grow as the clock ticks down.

The announcement has been met with some speculation as to what the EP will contain in terms of production. Some fans have pondered if the EP will feature the iconic sounds Knife Party are widely recognised for, or will the duo use this EP to debut new music and a different direction. Lately, the Knife Party front has been rather quiet. The duo did recently team with Pegboard Nerds for their collab called ‘Harpoon‘ as well as a preview for some new music from the duo.

In the next few months to follow, make sure your tuning in when we update you on any EP progress and bring you the news when it happens. We certainly can’t wait to hear what’s in store from the pair of loved artists on this upcoming EP. Check out the latest episode of the podcast below and head here to see previous episodes.