Kryder Kolsch

Kryder’s sexy remix of Kölsch’s ‘All That Matters’ turns 4 years old

Back in 2014, Kryder was on a roll becoming a groove artisan capable of remixing any record and turning it into a club monster. Axtone Records was about to release it’s landmark “Axtone Ten collection that featured all the records instrumental in making the label a hot bed for progressive house excellence. Back then, Kölsch might not have been the massive name he is in 2018, however his music was still sublime. Kryder infused new energy into the track when he put shining chords and a catchy rhythm.

Troels Abrahamsen is a danish record producer and singer songwriter who helped make the track come to life. He supplies the catchy vocals while Kryder and Kölsch supply the foundations. The track was a rather successful release that helped Kryder’s career gain more traction. In that same year, Kryder had released the hits “Feels Like Summer”, “Jericho”, and “Tarzan”. This unique remix contains that familiar Kryder flavour with a unique spin. The vocals pair nicely with the instrumental and every element appears to be finely tuned and meticulously designed.

Back in 2014, Kölsch had released “Cassiopeia“. Between his songs “Two Birds” and “Zig”, the techno star was slowly rising through the ranks with his irresistible sounds and ear for a melody. Axtone Records truly has many gems in the vaults and this delightful remix is one of them.