Marshmello’s end of year Spotify numbers are in and they’re simply astonishing

After what we thought was a breakout 2017 for our favorite helmeted goliath, it turns out that was just the beginning. Looking back at all the major hits Marshmello furnished in 2017 including, ‘Silence‘ featuring R&B break out sensation Khalid, ‘Wolves‘ featuring the global sensation that is Selena Gomez and ‘Danger‘ off the studio album for the Will Smith film, Bright, it certainly seemed like the star couldn’t get any brighter. But oh boy was that wrong.

Taking to socials to share his insane year, Marshmello recorded some otherworldly stats for a primarily electronic act –  rounding out the year with 2 billion total streams, 114 million global fans, and 117 million hours of listening across 65 countries. Read that out loud to yourself one more time. 2 billion streams. That’s a whole lot of Marshmello music, and to top it off these streams didn’t just come off of some farmed numbers, Marshmello dominated the year as a whole putting out hit after hit across multiple genres.

These included massive hits like ‘FRIENDS‘ featuring Anne-Marie and ‘Happier‘ with Bastille that dominated the charts & radio stations everywhere. What’s more is those were only two of the many standouts in Marshmello’s 2018 discography. Some other notables include his tunes, ‘Everyday‘ featuring Logic, the ever emotional ‘Spotlight‘ in memory of friend and fellow artist Lil Peep as well as his Joytime II album. Seemingly everything Marshmello has had a hand in has turned to gold – well, to be more precise, platinum with ‘FRIENDS‘ hitting the platinum mark on August 10th & ‘HappierNovember 6th.

With Marshmello’s crazy numbers moving into 2019, surely the hype around the artist isn’t slowing down. In fact, you could say after his insane year, it’s ramping up more than ever. We never know what is on the horizon when it comes to music, but Marshmello’s 2019 is sure looks optimistic.