Martin Garrix goes undercover on social media to answer fan questions

After his meteoric rise to the top of the music industry, Martin Garrix has proven time and time again that he deserves every bit of this massive success. Displaying his incredible talent in the studio, his ability to create sensational live shows all around the world and topping it off with his charming and likeable personality. 2018 has been yet another year filled with success for the young DJ and producer, who released a variety of music, including the highly anticipated ‘BFAM‘ followup ‘GLITCH‘ in collaboration with longtime friend Julian Jordan.

Most recently, Martin Garrix featured on GQ‘s popular YouTube series ‘Undercover’, where they invite celebrities to come on and dive into social media answering fan questions. The show is highly successful, regularly generating millions of views around the globe. It has previously hosted the likes of ZeddKid CudiQuavo and Vic Mensa among many others.

One of the highlights from the video which is bound to excite fans was Martin Garrix’s response to a question regarding a potential collaboration with The Chainsmokers, the Dutchman imagined that if they were to join forces the result could be an aggressive track, given their roots in the club and festival scene. He later said they could also potentially make a radio-friendly and melodic track. Though this is purely hypothetical, fans would no doubt be thrilled if these two giants decided to join forces on a track.

While answering questions on Reddit, Martin Garrix admitted there is a small error on track ‘High On Life’, towards the end there is a tiny sound when the vocal finishes. The producer admits he noticed a mistake in his rendering whilst mixing the track but that he didn’t remove it since it was so small and hoped nobody would notice, later congratulating the Reddit user for spotting it.

In the interview he also goes into more details about his biggest inspirations like Tiësto and Calvin Harris. Be sure to watch the full video on GQ’s YouTube channel below.


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