Martin Garrix & Julian Jordan drop awaited collab ‘Glitch’

Probably the most iconic BFAM there is in today’s EDM movement, long-time friends and collaborators Martin Garrix & Julian Jordan found themselves back in the studio to produce an eclectic hit once again. In fact, they very recently celebrated the 6th year anniversary of ‘BFAM‘, a single that played an instrumental role in propelling their respective careers. And while both artists have had similarly hectic schedules recently, such as Garrix’s ‘BYLAW EP‘ and Amsterdam ADE night as well as Jordan’s whirlwind of tours, they still felt compelled to commemorate their banger by delivering another one. Their friendship goes way back, to a time when they were merely teenagers studying, making music, and entirely oblivious to the success that was awaiting them soon after.  Today, they release ‘Glitch‘.

The way a piece finely wanders itself into a puzzle, ‘Glitch‘ has a certain knack of straddling between genre and style, presenting a synergy of electro house elements along with rock-y and glitch-y sonic surprises- nothing short of an epic concoction. It’s charismatic, bold, and exciting- a testament to both artists’ personas and musical outlooks. While Martin Garrix’s famed label STMPD RCRDS has seen a welter of massive releases, this one’s sure to maintain the highly specific standard its upheld.

Have a listen to Martin Garrix & Julian Jordan’s ‘Glitch’ below: