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Martin Garrix unveils incredible season finale for ‘The Martin Garrix Show’

A YouTube series that has allowed fans to gain insight into Martin Garrix‘s life, ‘The Martin Garrix Show‘ continues to grow in popularity. The third series has showcased a number of highlights that took place this year and the final episode of the season has just been released.

The focal point throughout the end of this season has been Martin Garrix’s time at Amsterdam Dance Event in October. Previous episodes have shown a great deal of the preparation that was put in place on the run-up to the two sold-out shows, illustrating just how hard Martin and the team worked to make sure attendees had an unforgettable experience. The last episode includes the final moments before the two shows, the performances themselves, and Martin Garrix’s surprise appearance at AMF. It also includes him winning the award for being the world’s number one DJ, a title which he has now retained for three consecutive years. The whole episode serves as a reminder of how far Garrix has come as an artist, and the staggering level of his achievements, many of which he achieved in an incredibly short period.

Watch the finale in full below.

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