Michael Calfan

Michael Calfan’s hit ‘Treasured Soul’ turns 4 years old

In 2014, French star Michael Calfan pumped out a delicious deep house tune. Released on Spinnin’ Records, “Treasured Soul” has many folk inspired elements to it that make it a stand out track. There was a unique campaign behind the track as well. All the proceeds from the track went to charity. The campaign was called the “Treasured Soul Project”. It was inspired due to the threat of ebola that so many people in the world were facing in 2014. Through signing up on Calfan’s website, one could win the chance to win a goodie packet that contained merchandise and apparel from Calfan.

The song was very successful in charts around the globe. The single peaked at number 17 in the UK, number 66 in Switzerland and number 101 in France. People were particularly fond of the track because of its catchy style and bedazzling array of piano and synths. Michael Calfan had recently stirred heads when he released his track “Prelude”. Many people considered this track to be the follow up to this highly successful record. “Prelude” and “Treasured Soul” are very similar in some ways and even share similar sound design.

This style was very popular at the time and Calfan helped shape a new wave of deep house that merged tropical vibes and groovy bass. Followed up by “Mercy“, the French maverick was truly on a roll back then!