Moe Shalizi, manager behind Marshmello & Jauz launches ‘The Shalizi Group’

Great artists always have great professionals taking care of their careers and Moe Shalizi is one of those professionals. Responsible for taking care of names like Marshmello, Jauz, and Ghastly, among others, Moe is known for being a guy who works hard, always looking for the best for his artists. Now he has decided to create his own management company. At just 28 years old, Moe has taken a giant step in his career, leaving Red Light Management and launching his own management company The Shalizi Group.

According to YourEDM, upon emailing members of the Red Light Management team, the following automatic reply is received:

“Starting Monday, December 17th I can be reached at my new email address [email protected]

The indication of the company’s launch came from a number of sources, from Moe’s tweets to the foundation of The Shalizi Group Inc. in Nevada, formed in January 2017.

Moe not only created his own company but also took his sought-after list of artists along with him. The Shalizi Group, which for many is a risky endeavour, has everything it needs to start on the right foot.