MOTi & Sheezan

MOTi & Sheezan – Hooked

Dutch favorite MOTi and one of India’s fresh-faced talents, New Dehli native, Sheezan join forces on their first collaboration entitled ‘Hooked.‘ The smashing song is an upbeat release debuting on Zerocool, and rightfully commands its listeners. The tune follows up MOTi’s most recent release, ‘Tonight,‘ which also debuted via Zerocool. In similar fashion to much of his catalog, MOTi’s trademark sound can be heard immediately throughout the thumping future house track.

Using a tantalizing vocal layered and pitched to perfection, the tunes gripping melody and body combine to create something special. Signature chord work and percussion also combine for the tunes dance floor groove, and the duo certainly intends to leave fans wanting more from the artists. While MOTi’s presence on the tune is undeniable, it’s fair to say Sheezan has a dramatic influence on the tunes quality as well, implementing subtle cultural elements into the tune as well as a contributing a notably different tonality in the tunes mid-section/break. You can tell judging by some of Sheezan’s previous work especially on tunes like ‘Don’t Know Me‘ featuring We AM, these are undoubtedly his areas of expertise in beefing up the stellar production.

Take a listen to MOTi & Sheezan’s ‘Hooked‘ for yourself below and maybe you’ll end up hooked.