Oliver Heldens

Oliver Heldens drops tribal music video for ‘Fire In My Soul’

In the end of October Oliver Heldens released one of his latest future house bangers ‘Fire In My Soul’, a track on which he collaborated with US pop singer Shungudzo. It’s a pretty impressive crossover between pop, electro- and future house, with a punching bass line and haunting melody. Shungudzo’s warm, mysterious voice immediately takes listeners back to her Zimbabwean roots, while fitting in flawlessly withe the Dutchman’s signature future house sound.

Oliver Heldens has now released the music video for ‘Fire In My Soul’ and it’s an interesting clip in which hunter-gatherers play the leading role. The music video was shot in Dutch National Park “De Hoge Veluwe” and it shows the tribespeople foraging (hunting for food), dancing around a campfire and… showing off tribal couture! The clip, which is directed by Mike Meijer, also features Dutch model/actress Farrieda Smit, who is wearing a haute couture fur coat, as do some of the tribal men around her.

Whether the music video truly depicts tribal life as a hunter-gatherer remains the question, but the clip for ‘Fire In My Soul’ is absolutely worth watching. It certainly fits the mood of the track itself very well. You can check out the official music video of Oliver Heldens ft. Shungudzo’s ‘Fire In My Soul’ down below on YouTube.